Better environment

Cutting carbon emissions, rethinking waste and preserving resources for future generations makes us a more sustainable, profitable and responsible business.

Smart cities of the future

From hydro-turbines to solar farms, our knowledge is delivering social, economic and environmental value and helping to stimulate ideas, change perceptions and set new standards in design and engineering. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is helping us to work with our suppliers and customers to plan developments more effectively.

Sector-leading carbon disclosure and action

With 99% of our contracts having a Carbon Reduction Plan in place, we were one of only two UK industrial sector firms with a Climate A grade in the CDP.

“CDP congratulates you for your climate change leadership, and recognises you as a world leader for supplier action on climate change.”


2015 progress

Carbon footprint

31% reduction in carbon footprint [2020 target: met ahead of time, revised target being developed]

CDP A list 2015 Climate logo


Achieved 98A score

Embodied carbon

Embodied carbon is not easy to measure, but it is critical to managing a low-carbon future, so our construction teams are piloting new embodied carbon tools. We are also building action plans with the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) and Forum for the Future, as well as helping to develop a publicly available carbon infrastructure standard (PAS 2080) with the Green Construction Board.

UK-GBC identified areas in a Sustainability 360° Review that, if addressed, would further strengthen Carillion’s leadership position. These include more comprehensive measurement and reduction of scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, including embodied carbon within construction materials and structures.”

Julie Hirigoyen, Chief Executive, UK Green Building Council

BREEAM certification on over 200 projects since the methodology’s inception

£171,205 invested in the Sustainable Investment Fund to incubate potential innovations that promote sustainable development

UK Green Building Council Gold Leaf logo

Gold Leaf Member, UK Green Building Council

Preserving resources

We are making progress towards eliminating waste entirely – from diverting drywall material from landfill in Canada, to converting excavated rock into roof gravel in Oman. In 2015, we reduced waste by 47% and diverted 94% from landfill, which is an exceptional achievement given the challenges of recycling infrastructure in some parts of the world where we operate.

2015 progress

Waste to landfill

94% waste diverted from landfill [2020 target: 97% (zero waste)]

‘3 Trees’ (highest possible score) in WWF review of timber procurement

Easing pressure on water

Water shortage is a global issue, which we see as particularly material in the Middle East and North Africa regions we work in. We’ve pioneered a range of water-saving initiatives and seen some inspiring results.

Saved £18,200 a month by replacing water bottles with dispensers, Qatar

Saved 2,000 gallons of clean drinking water a day by introducing a new wheel-washing system, Dubai