New approaches to savings

Working with our customers across the Middle East and North Africa to find innovative answers to natural resource challenges.


Middle East and North Africa

Drinking bottled water has become the norm across the Middle East. However, the Carillion Qatar team is saving money and plastic by replacing small water bottles with five-gallon dispensers at the Shell facilities management project in Qatar. Now employees can drink clean, unlimited water straight from the dispenser, saving £10,000 a month and significant amounts of plastic waste.

According to Dubai Municipality regulations, all wheels of heavy vehicles must be washed when leaving the site, which uses around 2,000 gallons of precious clean water each day. We introduced a system at our La Mer contract in Dubai to collect and filter water for dust suppression and other wheel washing. This saves around 40% in potable water consumption and reduces operational costs.

In partnership with its supply chain, Al Futtaim Carillion has created an innovative dam system to pump water more efficiently. The metal-framed membrane dam system pumps a continuous stream of approximately 3,500m3 per hour, saving around 25,000 litres of diesel and reducing noise around the site over the six-month project.


In Trinidad and Tobago, the Carillion Caribbean team at the Waterloo depot has installed four 1,000-gallon tanks to collect rainwater. The water is used to flush toilets and reduce dust pollution on the site – avoiding the use of fresh water for these activities.